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Aliens Transforming Action Set Galoob Micro Machines Collection 1997

Galoob Toys is best known as the creator and original license holder of the Micro Machines miniature toy car and vehicle toyline from c.1986-c.1998. The company also found success with several licensed film subset Micro Machine lines consisting of figures, vehicles, and playsets, known as Transforming Action Sets, all of which were inspired by various sci-fi movie film franchises. Ridley Scott's Alien film (the original 1979 film and its sequel Aliens) was one of the most memorable sets produced under this license and is a moderately collectible line in today's vintage toy market.

The most popular of these licensed series was undoubtedly Star Wars and its Expanded Universe, certainly the most numerous, it was in essence a separate toyline in and of itself. Predator, Terminator 2, Starship Troopers, and Star Trek had there own series amongst a dozen others comic book and cartoon series subsets.

 Beautiful Box Artwork, Galoob-20th Century Fox 1997

Outside of the Aliens Transforming Action Set

Both the Predator and Terminator 2 series featured Transforming Action Sets but the Aliens set was far better implemented and certainly more polished than the Predator set. I feel these Micro Machines Action Sets were in part inspired by the successful early 1990's run of Mighty Max (Bluebird Toys-Mattel) miniature playsets, themselves inspired by the popular girls line Polly Pocket (Bluebird-Mattel). Three scenes from the original film feature in the Aliens Action Set of 1997, the Kane chestburster scene aboard the Nostromo, the Aliens usage of the air ducts, and the discovery of the derelict space ship and the Alien eggs on planet LV-426. Crewmembers Captain Dallas (in spacesuit), one of the ship's engineers Parker, and the derelict space ship were the three exclusive figures included. Both Kane and the Alien are pieces of the Action Set itself.

Inside the Aliens Transforming Action Set

The Micro Machines Action Fleet subset showcased vehicles in the licensed subsets. Three different Action Fleet vehicles were created for the Aliens series. These included the Narcissus space shuttle which the character Ripley used to escape from the Nostromo in the first film (1979) and the USCS Marines Dropship from the second film, Aliens (1986). The design of the Narcissus small interstellar shuttle & lifeboat was quite extensive and yet very sleek; including a detailed cockpit, main opening lock, a secret stowaway panel to hide the Alien, retractable landing gear, a hyper sleep chamber for Ripley, and a display stand as well.

Narcissus Aliens Action Fleet, 1996

Two figures were included with the Narcissus, the original Alien creature and the sole survivor, Ripley

Amazing Design & excellent presentation of the ship on the back of the box

Aliens Micro Machines Collection #1: USCSS Nostromo, Alien, Kane with facehugger, & the Narcissus lifeboat

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