Sunday, May 8, 2016

Warlord REMCO 1982 DC Comics Action Figures

The DC Comics character The Warlord (Vol. 1, 1977-1988), spawned a small scale but surprisingly well crafted toyline created by REMCO and released in the year 1982. Set in the underground world of Skartaris, the Lost World of the Warlord: Battle Beneath the Earth toyline was a sword & sorcery, lost-world story that was equal parts Conan the Barbarian hack-n-slash adventure and He-Man & The Masters of Universe (MOTUS) fantasy. The figures themselves were similar to the MOTUS action figures of the same period in size and function but were more detailed and better  made. Interestingly enough, REMCO released similar lines of figures with the same body sculpts including Conan (1984) and the Warrior Beasts (1983) but all of these lines failed to reach the sales of He-Man and his large cast of Eternian warriors.

This Warlord figure was purchased by me on ebay for about $45, the card is slightly wavy and bubble has yellowing. Mint on card (MOC) figures from this toyline can go from anywhere $90-$175 ungraded, though they are slightly overpriced on the vintage market in my opinion. This is most likely due to their scarcity.

The rest of Skartaris warriors included Hercules Unbound and Arak Son of Thunder, both of whom appeared in early 1980's comic series of their own which were published by DC Comics as well. The villain Deimos and the heavily armed Mikola and Machiste were supporting characters from the Warlord comics series who also had figures in the Lost World of the Warlord toyline. Two "vehicles" were produced for this line, the Warpult and the Mighty Stallion, the latter of which was akwardly packaged as the "Warteam" and included the "Warman" figure, the eponymous Warlord (see above).

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